Welcome to Pukwana…

Pukwana is one of the smallest town in America that is located in Brule County, South Dakota.  In 1881, this town was founded and its name was derived from an Indian word which means Longfellow Hiawatha’s peace pipe. This is the town in the U.S. that has a post office known for being first class. Most of the residents here are of German, Irish, Norwegian, English, Swedish, French Canadian, Sioux, American Indian Tribes, Czech and Dutch ancestry.

This town’s zip code is 57370. Its latitude is 43.7747 and longitude is -99.1721. The area of this town is 2.01 sq kilometers, about 1262miles from Washington DC and 75 miles far from the capital state of South Dakota.

Pukwana has been known internationally because of its invention of a gasoline saver device that helped in minimizing gas consumption of automobiles during the 1920’s until the 1930’s. This is also known for their lawn mower race which is done during summers. If you are fond of hunting and fishing, there are lots of fishing holes where you can enjoy your fishing expedition. Another event that Pukwana is known for is the turkey races.

There are non-profit organizations In Pukwana that are into sports, religions and land conservations like the American Legion, American Legion Auxuliary, Bijou Hutterian Brethern Inc, Thrivent Financial For Lutherans, Tri County Landfill Association Inc, Union Cemetery Association Of Brule County, United States Bowling Congress Inc and United Steelworkers. These are the non- profit organizations in Pukwana that contribute to the progress of this town.

For those who want more thrilling activities like hiking expedition, you can climb on the Grand Head mountain cliff. Its coordinates is 43.715273 North and -99.430657 West. It is 1,473 feet equivalent to 448.97 meters above sea level.

If you are looking for more entertainment establishments in this town, there are lots of movie houses and other cool recreations which you can go to such as Art Museums, Children’s Museums, History Museums, Natural History & Natural Science Museums and the Science & Technology Museum. There are also famous camps which you can visit on this town like the Triathlon Training Camp where you can enjoy your bicycling, and the Unique International Camp where you can enhance your arts skill. You can also find several recreational centers like the Teen Climbing Camp as well as parks and playground like Summer Tennis Camp at ETA. Other top recreation and sports found in Pukwana are Alliances & Advocacy, Management & Technical Assistance, Professional Societies & Associations, Fund Raising & Fund Distribution, Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis, Single Organization Support, Support NEC, Camps, Sports Associations & Training Facilities, Amateur Sports Competitions, Recreational Clubs, Amateur Sports, Physical Fitness & Community Recreational Facilities and Professional Athletic Leagues.

Comfortable accommodations are also available in this small but busy town. There are first class hotels where you can relax and enjoy. You can also take delight in the foods that are served in this place. Pukwana is indeed an amazing town that you can find in South Dakota.

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